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Must-Have Apps when Coming to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi buildings

It might be a tough thing to enjoy a trip to the picturesque Emirate of Abu Dhabi without some apps. For one thing, Skype was banned in the UAE at the beginning of 2018. Some tourists used VPNs for the UAE, but unfortunately, the legal status of such networks is not yet determined. 

What apps to use in Aby Dhabi and not break the law?

BOTIM is the number one app to use in Abu Dhabi to communicate at a distance. This VoIP service is free for users worldwide. It allows making calls through mobile networks and Wi-Fi hotspots. The communication is encrypted, which makes it protected against the prying eyes.
If you don't like maps or heavy travel guides, Visit Abu Dhabi is definitely for you! This free application is the easiest and most convenient way to study up on the emirate even when the internet connection is lost. News, places of interest, culture, history, hotels, restaurants and whatnot. The app is available on 10 languages.

Uber will help you to gain destination at the most reasonable price. Private operations are forbidden by law on the territory of the UAE. Uber in the Emirates is luxury Lexus cars and polite drivers. A trip can be paid both online through the app and in cash. 

If you prefer public service vehicle, it's time to download Wojhati application on your smartphone or tablet. It is worked out by RTA, a local transport organization. Here you will find: metro, bus, tram, taxi and water tram. Wojhati serves to find the nearest stops, timetable, ride, price. Internet connection is a precondition for the proper operation of the app.

Big Bus Tours is a perfect application to choose a sightseeing tour to one's liking. It provides detailed information on itineraries and breaks. This way of sightseeing tours booking is the most convenient one, as it is possible to take a look at a tour beforehand and be safe while travelling. Besides, it helps to save money.

Another service that will anyone like is Must2Go. It serves to find tickets to visit water parks, amusement parks, museums and other outstanding places in Abu Dhabi. The service is appreciated by thousands of tourists who speak Arabic, English and Russian. The app offers a special In-travel card to get extra bonuses and unique offers. 


A trip to Abu Dhabi is not the same a trip to China or Syria, where the Internet is highly censored. All the apps mentioned in the article DO work on the territory of the UAE. Thus, you may install all of them or the ones you find the most attractive for you and enjoy the vacation of your dream.

About the author: Dainan Gilmore is an enthusiastic expert in cybersecurity and works as a Cryptanalyst for the

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