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Abu Dhabi & UAE Jobs list

Applying for a job in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, a financial capital of UAE offers innumerable job opportunities to people from all over the world. The overall economy of the UAE is largely depended on the expat population who come to work in Abu Dhabi and share their skills and knowledge. Abu Dhabi offers many lucrative job packages, attractive perks and tax-free salaries which makes it one of the most preferred job destinations in the world.
The first step that you should take is to apply to an authentic recruitment agency that will get you genuine offers. Different agencies have different procedures, so you can hire the ones that suit you.

What Jobs in Abu Dhabi are Available?

Abu Dhabi provides all kinds of jobs right from the lowest levels to the top, from the workers to CEO’s. Let us take a look through some of the industries and sectors that offer jobs to the expats.

  • IT and education sector
  • Hospitality / Hotel industry
  • Construction industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Tourism industry
  • Oil industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Sales industry
  • Translators
  • Entertainment & Media

Is Abu Dhabi a good place to work?

Abu Dhabi is an Islamic city but they are also very cosmopolitan in their outlook. The city allows the expats to enjoy their culture and lifestyle albeit some rules.

A lone working woman in Abu Dhabi always feels safe on the streets and even at her workplace. In fact working women many a times get special treatment due to the stringent laws of the place. The city also has a very low crime rate as compared to the rest of the world, which might be contributed to their strict rules and regulations.

The work days start from Sunday till Thursdays and the offices remain closed on Friday and Saturday.

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