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Abu Dhabi, the capital and second largest city of United Arab Emirates is a frequented destination by international travelers famous for its gorgeous parks and soaring skyscrapers. Though not exactly favored as a tourist destination, UAE is concentrating on developing the tourism aspect of its capital taking inspiration from Dubai’s success as a vacationers ultimate dream city.

The capital city is fast picking up pace as a tourist place with its key attractions luring one and many. The glittering land that was once famous only for its oil wells is today tempting people with Yas Island Formula One track, museums, parks and desert activities.

One should not miss out on traditional sport events like dhow racing, camel racing and horse racing as they are not just enjoyable but are peculiar only to this region. Furthermore, sand-skiing and desert dinners offer the uniqueness that no other city in world can.

Abu Dhabi revels in its own rawness far from the twinkling metro lights and eye-popping architectural marvels of its sister city. It’s not Dubai by any means, but Abu Dhabi appeals to tourists who wish to explore what UAE was like before Dubai happened. Check out the prices above for discounts on Abu Dhabi flights.

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