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The Louvre Museum- An Upcoming Attraction in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi will soon have the Louvre Museum, a wonderful architectural masterpiece designed by architect Jean Nouvel.

The two-third part of the museum will be covered with a white dome which is 590 feet in diameter; this dome signifies the quintessential feature of Arabian architecture. This dome is built by carefully arranging the openings and designs of the intertwined palm leaves geometrically. These openings help to regulate light and temperature inside the museum.

The outer appearance of this museum is also derived from the Arab style of construction while the interiors of the museum are designed to accommodate a splendid series of big galleries and high ceilings. In a nutshell, the museum is a calm and complex place with soothing interiors and striking exteriors. After the construction, the Louvre Museum will not only be a monument of pride but also an architectural wonder which will prove to be an awesome tourist attraction. It will instigate even more travelers around the world to make a trip to Abu Dhabi.


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