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How to Renew Your Vehicle Registration in Abu Dhabi?

Credit: Admpc

You need to renew your vehicle registration once every year and the process of renewing car registration in Abu Dhabi is simple and seamless. Below are the complete steps required for vehicle registration renewal in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Get your vehicle tested from Adnoc vehicle testing centers if your car is older than three years. 
  2. Get the required motor insurance. Your motor insurance should be valid for at least twelve months. 
  3. Pay all the outstanding traffic fines.Blocked fines/black points can only be paid at vehicle registration centers.
  4. Renew your vehicle registration online or by visiting vehicle registration centers. 

Make sure of the following:

  • You have a valid UAE residence visa
  • You have a valid UAE National ID
  • Your vehicle insurance is valid for at least next 12 months
  • Your vehicle has passed the mandatory registration renewal test
  • All the traffic fines are paid off 

Why there is a 30 days grace period?

Once your vehicle registration expires, you have a thirty days grace period and this grace period is given to ensure that required maintenance work can be done in case a vehicle fails the mandatory registration renewal test. It is illegal to drive a car after the end of 30 days grace period and violators can face hefty fines (Minimum AED 500) with four black points and their cars can also be impounded for seven days.

Get someone else to Renew My Vehicle Registration

If you don’t have time to to complete all the above mentioned steps then you can also avail the service of Car Registration Renewal. All you need to do is to book an appointment on their website and they will pick your car from your doorstep and will return it back after completing all vehicle registration renewal steps for a service fee of AED 349.


Robert Chris
car registration
Grace lily
This article is extremely knowledgeable, do give it a read. Thank you so much Sir for such a great piece of information. Kindly write more such articles as your content is very simple and helps people like me understand things better. Thank you so much.
narendra chouhan
Good after noon, I have Honda city car 97464 Abu Dhabi plate. It`s insurance was expired but has been activated today. The car inspection was done before expiry of the insurance. How can i do renewal of registration? I am using taxi/lift from my friend for time being.

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