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Guide to Travelling Solo in Abu Dhabi

Solo Traveller
Credit: Pxhere

Have you always wanted to pick up your bag and travel the globe all by yourself? Despite the notorious rumours and preconceived ideas surrounding solo travel to the Middle East, we have provided some basic tips you can follow to enjoy a hassle-free experience and to also have a memorable vacation in the city of Abu Dhabi.

Pre-Book Your Travel Tours

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the U.A.E is a popular destination for tourists. We recommend pre-booking some of the tours available as sometimes you can get confused with the number of options.

Treat Yourself              

Similar to its neighbouring Emirate, Abu Dhabi is also a hub for luxury and high street shopping. If you haven't emptied your wallet at the Ferrari World, try visiting some of the local malls or have a spa day at your hotel to pamper yourself.

Explore the Nightlife

Abu Dhabi does have a lot of bars scattered across the city. You can explore the best venues and mingle with the locals after a long day of exploring, or simply drop by to have a sip of some of the best drinks money can buy!

Read Up on Local Laws and Norms

The Middle East is often overshadowed by ideas and rumours about safety while travelling alone. However, the city of Abu Dhabi is one of the safest places to visit and in the U.A.E. Make it a point to go through the rules and regulations before you travel to simply educate yourself and not offend the local culture.

Don't miss a chance to explore this Emirati capital by booking your flight to Abu Dhabi today!


Akshay Koranne
Abu Dhabi is a beautiful place to visit. But travelling alone?It takes a lot of guts. Either way, its fun and adventurous to travel through the middle east. Thanks and keep posting
Greenland Spa
Nice........Yeah, I know also heard from my friend cricle who live in Abu Dhabi.Abu Dhbai is a beautiful place. Here are lots of things for viewing and for fun like after routine work you have to choice for relaxation go to spa and you get the massage service in Abu Dhabi, Sauna Steam Bath Abu Dhabi, Moroccan Bath and more service.

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