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Tips for Staying Active & Healthy in Abu Dhabi

Running by the beach
Credit: MaxPixel

The past few months have been stressful for everyone living anywhere in the world. Whether you are in Abu Dhabi or Mexico City, this New Year is the perfect time to start by working on your health, mental and physical. Follow our recommended five tips to get the most out of your life and enjoy the year with a fresh start!

Try Running by the Beach!

Now is the time to break in those new running shoes and get your health in order! Order in cute workout clothes and head to the beach. You can work up a sweat, enjoy the cool Arabian winter and even frolic in the seawater with your children and family. Make it a fun family event!

De-Stress with Meditation!

When was the last time you sat still? Meditation is just for keeping calm, but it is also to help focus on your thoughts. It is a tool to help the mind but also to help de-stress. Try out apps like Calm and Headspace, and work on finding the proper balance between work and life!

Get your Steps In!

Park in Abu Dhabi
Credit: Maqsoodshareef / Pixabay

Ready to get moving? Abu Dhabi is a very friendly city for pedestrians, especially during the winter months. Make use of the cold weather to explore the local attractions, malls, the beautifully landscaped gardens and even the theme parks and museums. The city has no shortage of entertainment, so get walking!

Try Cooking Healthy Meals!

Do you dread cooking a meal, whether it is for yourself or the family? Use the time you have to master those culinary skills and invite the little ones to help as well. Youtube and popular cooking blogs, including food services that give you ready-to-cook meals are a huge help!

Enjoy Creative Hobbies!

sudoku puzzle
Sudoku puzzle. Credit: Piqsels

When was the last time you picked up a new hobby? Whether you prefer staying at home or travelling around, a creative hobby helps pass the time and occupy the mind. Paint to de-stress, bake, organise or decorate the home and even try puzzles to relax and unwind. You never know what might help your mental health!

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