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Spend a Full Weekend Exploring Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi
Credit: Pexels

Are you feeling cooped up, wandering the same places and exploring the same streets? Among many cities globally, Abu Dhabi offers up the chance for visitors and locals to explore and experience the city. While local rules and regulations may still be in place due to the COVID pandemic, there is always time to take a planned getaway to Abu Dhabi, UAE. Mask up, take the vaccine and make sure you have accommodation booked for quarantine when you travel.

Take a Sandy Stroll!

The view from the beaches of Abu Dhabi is something you have to capture for a lifetime! Book your accommodation close to the beach or take a walk while keeping your distance and wearing a mask when required. The city skyline and the stunning coastline is something you must not forget to see when you travel. 

Spend Time Shopping!

Save a little and spend a lot more shopping in the UAE capital! The summer sales in Abu Dhabi are perfect for anyone on a budget, but you can use this time to shop for early birthdays, Thanksgiving and even Christmas gifts while you visit. Just be sure to pack light or travel with excess baggage!

Learn Abu Dhabi Culture!

We believe you can never truly know a city until you visit the local museums or take time to explore some of the most iconic landmarks in the city. Besides enjoying at Ferrari World or taking pictures at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, you can always visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi and immerse yourself in a different experience. 

Visit the Neighbouring Emirates!

A quick trip to Abu Dhabi is completely incomplete without a day trip to Dubai or Sharjah. Pick a city or choose them both and plan a ride through the neighbouring Emirates as they are only a few hours away. You will learn about the different city cultures and see several historical attractions in Dubai and a variety of local museums in Sharjah! 

Taste Arabic Cuisine!

Have you ever tasted local Middle Eastern cuisine prepared by small street vendors? Get the opportunity to support small businesses and enjoy your fill of delicious healthy treats. Restaurants are open for outdoor dining experiences as well!

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