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Food & Drinks

Get refreshed with traditional Arabian Drinks

Credit: GoodFreePhotos
The hot and humid climate of the Emirates can make you feel thirstier and parched. So the best way to quench your thirst is trying   the traditional Arabic Sherbets and drinks that we have listed below.

1) Coffee

The aromatic Arabian coffee, which is also called as ‘gahwa’, is a rich and strong concoction and is sometimes made by using camel milk. The coffee is served to welcome the guests at many hotels in Abu Dhabi and also in traditional ceremonies. It is served in small cups along with dates.

2)  Jellab

The Jellab is made up of grape molasses, rose water, nuts, and spices. It is served cold and is a popular drink served during the Ramadan festival.

3) Karak chai

The ‘Karak’ chai or as it is called ‘kadak’ in Hindi has gained widespread popularity in Abu Dhabi. Originated in India, this strongly spiced version of tea can be easily found in every house.

4) Tamar Hindi

Another well-admired drink of the Arabs is the Tamar Hindi, which is made from crushed tamarind, lemon juice, and sugar. This sweet-sour drink is the traditional beverage of the Levant countries.

5) Laban

The Laban is a healthy drink made from the refreshing buttermilk and can be consumed to replenish the salt and water content that the body loses in high temperatures.

Apart from these, you can also enjoy other drinks at the numerous nightlife destinations around the city.

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