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Enjoy Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi with New COVID-19 Guidelines

Desert safari
Credit: Pxhere

One of the most unforgettable experiences in Abu Dhabi is to go desert camping. Camping in the gilded deserts can amplify the whole new level of outdoorsy adventure for guests. As the winter weather sets in, camping season officially kicks off in Abu Dhabi. However, to ensure that the most popular activities such as desert safari and camping are safe during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) has placed new precautionary guidelines. Here's a quick preview of the new COVID-19 guidelines.

For Staff

All staff and the tour contractors would have to undergo temperature checks at the start of their shift, and also periodically throughout operating hours. In case staff or contractor shows flu-like symptoms, they would be denied access, and everyone has to undergo COVID-19 test before rejoining and on a bi-weekly basis later on.

For Guests

Guests have to undergo regular temperature checks, and if anyone shows a temperature of 37.3°C (99.14°F) or higher, they would be escorted to isolation rooms for further medical checks. Guests who show flu-like symptoms would need to report to the Department of Health (DoH) via the Estijaba service.

For the Camping Site

Camping sites under the new guidelines will have to install thermal cameras, or they can choose to provide hand-held infrared thermometers. Needless to say, all areas of the campsite, equipment, vehicles, bikes, assets, buggies, and public areas must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Furthermore, all common surfaces and areas with high-frequency touchpoints must be properly cleaned and disinfected using products and methods recommended by the DoH.

Campsites must ensure proper hand wash facilities for all staff members, contractors and guests. The availability of hand sanitisers at different locations of the campsite, public areas, vehicles, buffet counters, and entry/exit points, has to be ensured. When it comes to smart payment machines, they need to be sanitised before and after every use, with proper instructions from the manufacturer of the machine. All camps must follow the safety guidelines and display of the new guidelines in multiple languages.

For the Camping Equipment and more 

Equipment including sand skiing and sandboarding, falcon holders and horse riding reins, horse and camel saddles, must be methodically cleaned and disinfected after every use.

Credit: Pixabay

Guests are advised to check updated guidelines before taking up the Desert Safari to avoid any inconvenience. It is prudent to explore if campsites are complying before booking your social distancing outdoor adventure in Abu Dhabi.

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