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Must Do Activities

Adventure Chronicles of Abu Dhabi for Die-Hard Adventurers

Credit: Pxhere

Dotted with irresistible adventures, Abu Dhabi promises some adrenaline-fuelled activities for adventure seekers. From green expanses set in gilded deserts to craggy peaks, visitors can experience the wilderness of the emirate and have a scintillating time.


In Abu Dhabi, guests can also indulge in a wide range of marine sports, including sailing, wakeboarding, water skiing, and more. One cannot miss trying kayaking, where nature lovers can explore the beauty and diversity of the city and enjoy kayaking with the tides. It is recommended to go kayaking either early in the morning or later afternoon to avoid the harsh rays of sunlight.

Deep-Sea Fishing

Abu Dhabi waters are ideal for an exciting stint of deep-sea fishing. Whether one is a novice or professional, it is worth hitting the beach or the sea along with fishing gear to enjoy fishing. Enthusiasts can book for boats parked in Marina Mall and venture into the water to try their hand at fishing. Some common catch includes barracuda, sharrie, queenfish, and more. It is advisable that guests get a fishing license and are aware of the protected species under the law. With tighter Covid-19 measures, it is highly recommended for patrons to check the emirate's new measures before planning the adventure.


Flacon hunter
Credit: Pixabay

Falconry is a heritage activity embodying nobility and conservation. It is one of the UAE's most honoured traditional sports. With the falconry season starting in the Autumn, when falcons begin migrating to their breeding sites between October and March, patrons can participate in the sport. Legacy sports can be best enjoyed in light of strict rules and practices. The UAE government promotes sustainable hunting practices, and it is great to follow the protocols to ensure enjoying the sport while abiding by hunting rules (as violations attract tough penalties). While setting out for hunting, it is great to be equipped with hunting gear.

Dune Bashing

When you are surrounded by gilded deserts, make the most by exploring them to your heart's content. One of the best ways to do it is renting a four-wheel-drive from Abu Dhabi, where you can enjoy a scenic drive admiring the traditional nomadic desert lifestyles and also augment it with a thrilling spot of dune bashing.

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