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Luxury Shopping: Buying Gold in Abu Dhabi

gold jewelry
Credit: Pixabay/8180766

There is absolutely no shortage of indulgent activities you can try doing when visiting Abu Dhabi. The United Arab Emirates has the most outrageous shopping malls and extravagant restaurants serving exotic meals. But the best part of this Arabian city is not the fancy designer goods but your access to one the most well-liked metals on Earth- gold! Here’s what you need to remember when buying gold in Abu Dhabi.

Gold is used as an investment purchase, but women flock to Abu Dhabi or Dubai to get their hands on the shimmering gold pieces that the city expertly crafts & brings to life. What makes this an enticing deal is that they are affordable in the UAE because of low tax rates.

Whether you're visiting the Gold Souk in Abu Dhabi or just window shopping in the local malls, check out the latest collection at Damas Jewellers. Besides their excellent craftsmanship, brands show off their design styles by moulding in gold to suit a variety of cultures. From modern dainty pendants and rings to opulent Middle Eastern jewellery, you can find anything you want in the local bazaars, and sometimes even custom order things if your wallet is large enough!

Gold bar
Credit: Pexels/Michael Steinberg

We recommend checking out gold bars or small gold coins if you want to gift someone but don't know their style. It also works well as a future investment piece! Today's stores deck out the windows with large ostentatious neck and body pieces, but you can explore the city for brands that mix simplicity with elegance.

While global brands like Malabar Gold and Diamonds & Joyalukkas Jewellers have an enormous presence, don't discount the small local shops that will offer you similar or even superior gold designs exactly the way you want it; at a fraction of the price! It's best to go around and check out the collections & designs, the gold purity, the local rates and how much can you take back with you when you book a flight home. You want to make sure you follow all the customs & duty laws when flying International, and not get carried away with all these shiny gems. Happy shopping!

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